Restaurants in Philippines

linaw restaurant
linaw restaurant

Restaurants in Bohol Philippines

Linaw Beach Resort Pearl Restaurant

The Bohol Pearl restaurant is one great restaurant…fresh everything and a huge selection of food to choose from.

If you don’t mind the drive there from where ever you are its defiantly worth the trip.
Click here to view the Pearl Restaurant

Peacock Garden Restaurant – Old Heidelberg Restaurant

Now here is a restaurant with class. Check out their website and dine in luxury. I have personally eaten here and i will say the food was absolutely the best!

Fine Dining at the Lost Horizon Hotel Beach Restaurant

Long before the sun rises on another perfect tropical morning, our chefs are busy selecting and preparing the ingredients needed to satisfy the dining expectations of our most discerning guests. From short orders to fine dining, we bring you the best of local and international food and beverages.
The Narcosis Bar offers a wide range of meals, refreshing drinks and a selection of delicious cocktails even great tasting pizza.
It’s the perfect place to enjoy a drink while relaxing by the beach.

Beer Happy Hour runs all day until 11am – 7pm
Rum and Coke Happy Hour is between 7pm and 9pm

Take a look at the Lost Horizon Beach Bar and Restaurant on Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines.

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